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About Us

Precise. Durable. Affordable. The best value a professional can get.

Genest tattoo needles are not only one of the best in the market, but they also have a special advantage over other top needles. Price.

Because we manage our own supply, we can offer premium quality equipment at a lower price. We started out by managing many other top brands’ manufacturing and now established the Genest brand to give customers the result of all of our years of experience.

As a result, our needles are superior in sharpness and hardness. They won’t dull, and you’ll be surprised by the precision and control that they offer. We constantly monitor our products through our strict safety standards, ensuring the highest quality for all artists around the world.

Because our mission is to embody the spirit of tattoo in all of our products, we only offer products that would please even the most particular artists. You’ll notice the difference from the beginning.